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                NEWS PRODUCTS
                "Create famous brand,gain world credit"is our quality policy.
                We adhere to the faith-based,and try our best to satisfied customers with high quality and competitive prices.

                Audi,Hong Qi,Passat,BMW
                Mercedes Benz,Volvo,Mazda,Kia...
                Europe and the United States and Germany

                Why choose
                1Zhengao 15 years to concentrate on one thing
                Professional Aluminum Control Arm Manufacturer.
                +Zhejiang Zhengao 15 years is a modern enterprise which is together with
                development程钨桌谪、production and sales.
                +Our equipment:Equipped with more than 200 sets of 1600程钨桌谪、1000T程钨桌谪、630T程钨桌谪、
                300T of friction press程钨桌谪、XJ-1250 profile extruder程钨桌谪、Hydraulic press程钨桌谪、CNC...
                +Capability of forging 5 million sets per year.

                2Strict Perfect Quality Control System,
                Make Product Quality More Stable.
                +Product materials and processing technology at home and abroad come first
                on the list, the company has advanced detection technology and complete
                quality control system, in strict accordance with the ISO/TS16949 international
                quality certification system of management and control of the production process,
                to ensure that the product qualification rate reached 99.9%.

                3The major automobile brand in Europe and America
                countries and regions such as Germany choice.
                +And Audi,Hong Qi,Passat,BMW,Mercedes Benz,Volvo,Mazda,Kia well-known brands
                such as long-term cooperation.
                +We also cooperate with FAW Car Co.,Ltd.and SHANGHAI LTI AUTOMOBILE
                COMPONENTS CO.,LTD for OE parts.
                4Tailored, warmly and efficient service,
                customer service guarantee.
                +The fast response, the first time to solve your problem.
                +Personal consultants provide pre-sale, sale and after-sale service.
                +Perfect system of logistics service, timely delivery.
                +Regularly visit customers, solicit customer feedback.
              2. ABOUT ZHENGAO
                ZHEJIANG ZHENG'AO AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD was found in 1998.Equipped with more than 200 sets of 1600程钨桌谪、1000T程钨桌谪、630T程钨桌谪、300T of friction press程钨桌谪、 XJ-1250 profile extruder程钨桌谪、Hydraulic press程钨桌谪、CNC程钨桌谪、NC程钨桌谪、milling machines程钨桌谪、Control arm assembly test-bed程钨桌谪、Three-dimensional measuring machine程钨桌谪、 Magnetic Testing程钨桌谪、Salt spraying tester程钨桌谪、Metallographic Instrument程钨桌谪、Projection Instrument程钨桌谪、Hardness machine程钨桌谪、tension tester程钨桌谪、Optical Spectrum Analyzers程钨桌谪、Layer thickness meter etc. Our company is a modern enterprise which is together with development程钨桌谪、production and sales.We specialize in manufacturing of CONTROL ARMS for Audi程钨桌谪、Passat程钨桌谪、BMW程钨桌谪、Benz程钨桌谪、KIA,etc.And these products are mainly exported to Germanyand so on. Since our products were put into the market,we've established long-term business relationships with many manufactures of Audo Parts,and also a lot of Audo Parts Import&Export Companies from home and abroad.And our service has been well-received by them.Meanwhile,we also cooperate ...
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                Professional Aluminum Control Arm Manufacturer